Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Lakoff's FrameLab #3

In this episode they discuss progressive values and provide 11 tips for moving forward. It's based on the empathic and caring parental frame, which creates autonomous adults with the same characteristics. Progressives aim to promote the freedom and well being of everyone, and to equitably share the wealth created by their collective efforts. They just need to learn how to frame separate issues by tying them together within their overall moral principles. Some of the tips are as follows: learn effective framing and create a broad and deep communications network; recognize you need a lot more than facts, that they have to be framed in values and morality; frame all issues within this overall progressive vision.

Dim Party blocking progressive candidates, again

They just cannot learn. They are too far gone down the corrupt money hole to see that the country wants progressive populists. And again they are trying to thwart the progressives in primaries while supporting the corporate candidate who can raise the most money. And this despite the severe beating their candidates took in the last election, and several previous elections, playing by the same tired and failed strategy.

So progressives are not going to get any support from the Party and have to get alternative help from progressive orgs coordinating together. Good thing is that is exactly what it happening. Let's primary the corporate Dims out, and in the process turn the Party into one for the people again. The link lists some of the upcoming races and the candidates. Get informed and get active supporting the progressives and voting the Dim Bums out.

Attorney General Sessions questioned by Mueller

The noose tightens. Mueller would only call the AG in if there was no other way to obtain certain inside information. It seems firing Comey being obstruction of justice is or prime concern. And of course the Dumpsters avoid the issue and try to divert attention to the integrity of the investigation. More charges and indictments are coming soon for the whole rotten bunch, including the AG.

Dump's FCC wages war on poor people

The FCC voted to dismantle a program called Lifeline, which provides a $9.95 monthly governmental subsidy to those below the poverty line for buying phone and internet service. Taking away this program means that millions of people will no longer be able to afford such service. Access to "lifesaving health-care services, employment and educational opportunities, news, self-expression and activism" will be cut off. Just one more way Dump is Making America Hate Again. Consider the petition here

FBI Director threatened to quit over pressure to fire Deputy Director

Both Dump and Sessions pressured Director Wary to fire Deputy Director McCabe over the false claim the latter was biased against Dump. So Wray threatened to quit over the pressure, defending his Deputy and the rest of the FBI from false attacks against from the Dumpsters in order to curtail their investigation into Russian collusion. Good on Wray for standing up to the Dump crime family.

New Mexico is the best at something

Yes, NM is ranked 50th for child poverty in the US. So it is the best at being the worst, a glowing accolade for us living here in the 3rd world. Of course those few % of the population that have Sandia Lab jobs, or other professional jobs, never see this reality for most of the rest of the population so think it doesn't exist. Or if it does, Repugnantans think its their own damned fault. Great job NM.

Colbert on the women's march

He gets there around 2:25 in this clip. He also shares some of the funny signs.

Colbert on the government shutdown standoff

And how the Dimocraps caved based on a promise from the pathological liar aka the Senate majority leader.

Kimmel on the womens' march

Kimmil gets to it around 3:20 in his monologue. Dump is completely clueless that the women are marching in part to protest his Presiduncy and his misogyny. The crowd in LA alone was far larger than his inauguration crowd. In the clip are some really funny signs at the rallies.

5 ways Dump betrayed us

See the clip below. While Dump ran as a populist for the people the reality is anything but. The highlights are: 1. He packed his Administration with corporate insiders and made the swamp even worse; 2. He failed to divest his business and instead is profiting off of his office, violating the Constitution; 3.  He's ignoring the real dangers of climate change and instead reducing or eliminating environmental protections while giving even more subsidies to oil companies; 4. He's hurt American workers by removing overtime pay and allows restaurant owners keep worker tips; 5. His tax plan gives even more money to corporations and the rich at the expense of the average worker, while Dump himself profits mightily.

For 101 ways Dump has betrayed us, visit corporatepresidency.org. He lied to all of us and betrayed our trust. And the Repugnantans know well this is true and are complicit with him for their own and their paymasters' benefit. Don't make the same mistake again by voting for these liars and cheaters that have shown repeatedly they could care less if we live and would prefer that we would die, and quickly.