Friday, May 25, 2018

Rockets go up 3 - 2

Great game, down to the wire. I'm hoping the Rockets take this series, as I'm tired of the Warriors dominating. Seems the Celtics will do it in the East.

Ne-Yo's ANW run for Red Nose Day

Impressive run that finishes the course.

The collaborative commons in Star Trek

The Star Trek: Voyager episode Unity, which I saw again last night, reminded me a lot of the collaborative commons. These ex-Borg have broken with the collective and regained their individuality. And yet they still retained a psychic link to each other and formed a co-operative. Chakotay, injured after being attacked and injured by invaders on their planet, is healed by linking with the co-operative. Afterward he rejoices in his ability to link directly with the others in the co-operative, even making love to one of its members. The episode, likely unintentionally, depicts the operating system of the collaborative commons: The ability to retain individual autonomy yet link with others in a greater cooperative effort that transcends the individual.

Kaepernick: Amnesty International Ambassador of Conscience

Continuing the last post, his speech on accepting this award. Concise, powerful speech. I don't see any of the NFL owners getting this award.

Amazing what upsets a snowflake Repugnantan

Rampant murder of innocent, unarmed black men, no problem. Kneeling to protest that sort of thing, atrocious. No assholes, it is you who are atrocious.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Schiff on the fake Blight House spy

He was part of the Gang of Eight that met with the FBI and DOJ today to be briefed on Dump's claim that there was a political spy in his campaign. Schiff said after the briefing there is no evidence of a spy, and the DOJ and FBI followed all legal procedures in using an informant. In this video (2:40) Giuliani admits that the meeting's sole purpose is to get information about the Russia investigation to help Dump's defense.

Evangelicals, then and now

Borowitz on the NFL anthem policy

Continuing this post, Borowitz weighs in on the issue.

NFL Adds 1st Amendment to List of Banned Substances

NEW YORK (The Borowitz Report)—The National Football League has expanded its list of banned substances to include the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, the league confirmed on Wednesday.

Although the N.F.L. has long banned substances such as anabolic steroids and growth hormones, the First Amendment is believed to be the only right guaranteed by the Constitution to be included on the list.

Roger Goodell, the commissioner of the National Football League, said that, by adding the First Amendment to the list of banned substances, the N.F.L was establishing a “policy of zero tolerance on tolerance.”

Marxism for beginners

Funny and informative cartoon.

Dump hurts minorities w/elimination of CFPB rule

This time the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's rule that prevents car dealers from marking up  higher prices for minorities has been eliminated. The rule was put in place because car dealers were in fact engaging in minority price gouging. Now they're free to do it again. I just can't get over how great America is becoming under this Presidunce.