Sunday, September 24, 2017

The national anthem is a celebration of slavery

So that's what all these unconscious white supremacists are upset about. It's the American heritage to celebrate slavery, and if you don't then you aren't American. This article shows the history of the anthem, as it's third verse is celebrating the killing of those black slaves who sided with the British in the war of 1812. Kaepernick, likely unaware of these origins, is protesting a country where black men can still be murdered with impunity. Same story, different era.

Dump invited Russian National Basketball team to Blight House

Borowitz lampoons Dump recently rescinding an invitation to the NBA champ Golden State Warriors when Steph Curry had doubts about going. So what does he do then?

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—One day after rescinding his invitation to the Golden State Warriors, Donald J. Trump invited the entire Russian national basketball team to celebrate with him at the White House. Trump said that he looked forward to welcoming the Russian team, calling them “much, much better basketball players than those Golden State losers.”

When reporters pointed out that the Russians had won only a bronze in the 2012 Olympics and failed to qualify for the 2016 event, Trump was dismissive, calling the Olympics “rigged.”

“You ask anyone who knows, Steph Curry is nowhere near as good as Vladimir Ivlev,” Trump said.

But Trump’s plan to replace the Warriors with the Russians hit a snag just hours after he issued the invitation, when the Russian team released an official statement declining the offer. “We feel that appearing with Donald Trump at this time would be bad for our brand,” the Russians’ statement read.

The NFL tells Dump to go f*ck himself

Dump's recent comments about NFL players who kneel during the national anthem inspired open revolt today. Many players and teams participated, either sitting, kneeling or locking arms during the anthem. See the link for specifics. I kneel with them in telling the Biggest Dump to go f*ck himself.

Polling Obama voters who switched to Dump

Interesting article on this demographic that decided the last election. It focuses on only those that previously voted for Obama and then switched to Dump, about 13%. And this group is more likely to now regret their Dump vote. Some portion of the demo voted more against Clinton than for Dump. Many of them are ambivalent about voting in the '18 mid-terms, so this could be an opportunity for progressives. That is, if they can get over their own internecine Party battles with the corporate lackeys.

Take a stand, or is that a kneel?

The choices in developmental psychology

Following up on this post (and related linked posts therein), it seems there is a choice in developmental explanations between empirical studies with quantitative, calibrated and internally consistent measurements, and quasi-religious, self-aggrandized, flagrant ideology. We see this choice playing out in this forum in a legitimization battle for what is integral. And please, spare me the false equivalence argument that it is an integration of equally valid and complementary perspectives.

"In this preliminary review, it also appears that contemporary uses of of sentence completion methods to measure ego-development are not justified by peer-reviewed and reliability studies. [...] It appears that the LAS [Lectical Assessment System] and HCSS [Hierarchical Complexity Scoring System] are the only metrics that have been calibrated using quantitative indexes on internal consistency. This means that the LAS and HCSS are the only ones that can be validly and reliably used to access individuals. They are the only calibrated metrics in the set; the rest are soft measures that should only be used for research purposes" (19).

Stein & Heikkinen (2009). "Models, metrics and measurement in development psychology." Integral Review, 5:1

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Flagrant ideology in integral theory

Continuing this post, Zak Stein said:

"The idea that a holistic assessment could tell us about the essence of a person is absurd and flagrantly ideological. Development assessments at their best can only paint pictures of the differential distribution of capabilities within persons. We can't assess people as a whole, we can only assess their performances along particular lines in particular contexts. And performances vary across contexts, which means that you may perform at one level in one context and at a very different level in another context" (11).

"Myth busting and metric making." Integral Leadership Review, 8:5, 2008

Fake Christians

Yes, this is but one of many issues where fake Christians fail the Christ test.

Reich interviews Sanders on Repugnantan wealthcare

And repugnant it is indeed. It is one of the steps of the big money (e.g. Kochs) agenda to roll back public services and steal that money because of the Ayn Randian notion that people that need such services are undeserving due to personal failings. If they can't afford healthcare if this travesty passes then it's their own damned fault and they don't deserve to live. It's not far fetched to compare it to the Nazi pogrom, only through 'legal' means bought and paid for by the Kochs.

Fact check: Repugnantan weathcare & pre-existing conditions

Just the facts ma'am. The new Bill will still maintain pre-existing condition coverage but it would allow States to price premiums based on those conditions, thereby making it unaffordable to those with said conditions. Granted States are also required to request a waiver to price higher for pre-existing conditions, and a condition of that waiver is that "it must ensure that those with preexisting conditions have affordable and adequate coverage [...] but it remains to be seen what would be considered adequate and affordable."

Knowing Repugnantans that could very well mean: "Well, this new plan would be affordable if you got off your lazy ass and got a job as CEO, because anyone can do that if they just had the gumption. And since you refuse to become a CEO with commensurate salary then it's you who are inadequate and therefore unaffordable for us to sell you health insurance." Come on, tell me that's not accurate.