Friday, December 15, 2017

Congressional Review Act could save net neutrality

This is how we the people can overturn the FCC's ruling that eliminated net neutrality. The CRA allows Congress to review and repeal an federal agency ruling. It was originally initiated by Gingrich and has only been used once before 2017, but since Dump took office the Repugnantan Congress has used it successfully 14 times to repeal Obama-era regulations. So we the people need to put the pressure on Congress to use it again, this time to repeal the FCC's disastrous ruling. And if they don't we make it a YUGE issue in the '18 mid-terms.

The true meaning of Christmas

In this f*cked up society at least. Jesus F*cking Christ.

Silverman on the fake 'war' on Christmas

There is no war on Christmas. It's just a bullshit narrative projected by those who hate anyone who isn't Christian and doesn't kowtow to being force fed worship of a holiday that isn't from their chose faith. You know, freedom of religion and all from, you know, the sacred Constitution which has been ordained by Jesus Christ himself. Silverman does note that not all Christians participate in this war, just those that imagine a war from their ideological hatred.

Colbert spoofs Alex Jones again

In this satire, Colbert jokes about Jones' interrogation of his Amazon Alexa.

Colbert on the Internet's death

Meaning the elimination of net neutrality. ISPs claim they will not block, slow down or prioritize internet traffic, so we can rest assured that is exactly what they intend to do. And sure, the FCC says they still have regulations in place to ensure that won't happen, so you can also rest assured they will not enforce any of them when those protections are sure to be violated.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

FCC eliminates net neutrality

As expected, the vote was along Party lines and net neutrality is dead for now. There will be legal challenges so we'll see how that goes. I wonder when the ISPs will slow down or block my blog?

Sarah Silverman interacts with Jesus

I guess this is just a Jesus kind of day.

The Evangelical divide

Too bad the flock is too stupid to see the forest for the dump. Like the Big Dump, these pastors make heavenly promises that cannot be fulfilled for the sole purpose of filling their own coffers. Wake the f*ck up people.

What Jesus would do

And in fact did to the merchants and money changers in the Temple. Dump and Wall Street are ideal candidates for a Jesus thrashing today. And the Temple that needs cleansing is our democracy.

Kimmel on Molester Moore's defeat

Yes, this is cause for celebration. Not surprisingly, Fox made excuses. And then there's Dump's fake Tweet.