Sunday, June 25, 2017

Ralph Nader on the Dimocratic Party

Yes, it's spelled that way on purpose. From this Intercept interview:

"There are some people who think the Democratic Party can be reformed from within by changing the personnel. I say good luck to that. What’s happened in the last twenty years? They’ve gotten more entrenched. Get rid of Pelosi, you get Steny Hoyer. You get rid of Harry Reid, you get [Charles] Schumer. Good luck. Unfortunately, to put it in one phrase, the Democrats are unable to defend the United States of America from the most vicious, ignorant, corporate-indentured, militaristic, anti-union, anti-consumer, anti-environment, anti-posterity [Republican Party] in history."


Continuing the last post, in Meltzoff's '99 paper he proposes his work supports theory-theory, described as "a combination of innate structure and qualitative reorganization in children's thought based on input from the people and things in their culture." And that this is accomplished at least in part through the supramodal representational system. The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy has this to say about theory-theory:

"The Theory-Theory itself has a somewhat complicated origin story, with roots in a number of philosophical and psychological doctrines. One is the reaction against stage theories of cognitive development, particularly Piagetian and Vygotskian theories. Stage theories propose that children’s cognitive development follows a rigid and universal script, with a fixed order of transitions from one qualitatively distinct form of thought to another taking place across all domains on the same schedule. Each stage is characterized by a distinctive set of representations and processes. In Piaget’s theory, children move through sensorimotor, preoperational, concrete operational, and formal operational stages from birth to roughly 11 or 12 years old. Similarly, Vygotsky held that children move from a stage of representing categories in terms of sensory images of individual objects, through a stage of creating representations of objectively unified categories, and finally a stage of categories arranged around abstract, logical relationships.

Meltzoff on Piaget & the supramodal space

This prior post, and the earlier one linked therein, relate to my prior post on developmental cognitive neuroscience (DCN). Meltzoff, one of the pioneers of DCN, had this to say about Piaget:

"There has been a profound, even revolutionary, shift in our theory of developmental psychology. The revolution began with challenges to Piaget's theory of cognitive development, particularly his views of infancy. As everybody who has attended scientific conferences, read technical journals, or monitored the popular media knows, modern research has discovered that young children know more at earlier ages than had been predicted by classical theory. These new findings led to the gradual weakening, and finally the collapse of, classical Piagetian theory.

"There is now a furious search for a new framework. An analogy can be drawn to the early part of this century when classical Newtonian mechanics was overthrown and physicists were searching for a new model. In our field, we know that the classical framework of developmental psychology, which has reigned for almost 50 years, does not work; we have crucial experiments that have uncovered surprising facts; and we have great excitement in both the laboratories and in society at large, as competing views of early human development are being thrashed out."

Meltzoff relates to the earlier paper (first link above) on the supramodal space in this article. It seems the first linked paper from 2012 is a development of Meltzoff's earlier use of the supramodal space (2007).  He said:

Rick Perry is an idiot

There is no kind or PC way to express this truth. Senator Frankin makes a fool of him by having to explain the scientific method, and what it has irrefutably proved on climate change.

NY Times: Tramp's lies since taking office

The NY Times has documented many of them since taking office up to 6/21/17. There are many. The truth is after each lie. If there's one thing Tramp has been the best at is being by far the Biggest Liar Ever. Just a few to whet the appetite follow. See the link for many, many more. Warning: Swamp dwellers stay away; facts contained therein.

Jan. 23 “Between 3 million and 5 million illegal votes caused me to lose the popular vote.” (There's no evidence of illegal voting.)
Jan. 25 “Now, the audience was the biggest ever. But this crowd was massive. Look how far back it goes. This crowd was massive.” (Official aerial photos show Obama's 2009 inauguration was much more heavily attended.)
Jan. 25 “Take a look at the Pew reports (which show voter fraud.)” (The report never mentioned voter fraud.)

Consciousness is not a thing

Interesting article by Karl Friston, the Wellcome principal research fellow and scientific director at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging and professor of neurology at University College London.

"I’m compelled to treat consciousness as a process to be understood, not as a thing to be defined. Simply put, my argument is that consciousness is nothing more and nothing less than a natural process such as evolution or the weather. My favourite trick to illustrate the notion of consciousness as a process is to replace the word ‘consciousness’ with ‘evolution’ – and see if the question still makes sense. For example, the question What is consciousness for? becomes What is evolution for? Scientifically speaking, of course, we know that evolution is not for anything. It doesn’t perform a function or have reasons for doing what it does – it’s an unfolding process that can be understood only on its own terms. Since we are all the product of evolution, the same would seem to hold for consciousness and the self."

Right to carry gun states have increased violent crime rates

No surprise to those of us with a brain and knew this would happen. And it has. "Stanford Law School Professor John Donohue found that states that adopted right-to-carry laws have experienced a 13 to 15 percent increase in violent crime in the 10 years after enacting those laws." See the link for details.

Single-payer healthcare killed in California

By a Dimocrat no less, Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon. Why? He says it's on hold for "further discussion and debate." He's a liar and bought off by his big money donors who don't want it and that's that. The article has a link to those donors. Even Governor Brown has received these bribes and no surprise, is against the bill.

International west coast swing flashmob 2017

The video of the routine is below. Even it one doesn't want to participate in the flashmob there is a lot of good material to practice. Please circulate to your wcs lists.

Dumbocrats are still losers

0 for 4 in special elections. Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades, not political races. The clip below explains why. For one, Ossoff went the 'high' road and refused to get down and dirty, which is what is needed. As Maher said, he brought a covered dish to a gun fight. A progressive must stand strong on values and fight like hell. Ah, but Ossoff was not in the least a progressive, nor are the establishment Dums. We could also call them the Dimocrats. And they will continue to lose unless we the people replace the Dums and the Dims with strong, smart progressives.

Obama on the Senate wealthcare bill

From his FB post. And he's right, of course.

“The Senate bill, unveiled today, is not a health care bill. It’s a massive transfer of wealth from middle-class and poor families to the richest people in America. It hands enormous tax cuts to the rich and to the drug and insurance industries, paid for by cutting health care for everybody else. Those with private insurance will experience higher premiums and higher deductibles, with lower tax credits to help working families cover the costs, even as their plans might no longer cover pregnancy, mental health care, or expensive prescriptions. Discrimination based on pre-existing conditions could become the norm again. Millions of families will lose coverage entirely. Simply put, if there’s a chance you might get sick, get old, or start a family ― this bill will do you harm. And small tweaks over the course of the next couple weeks, under the guise of making these bills easier to stomach, cannot change the fundamental meanness at the core of this legislation.”

Saturday, June 24, 2017



Palast on the rigged GA election

Hartmann interviews Palast on how Handel and the Repugnantans rigged the GA election. Thousands or registered voters were removed from voting roles but that isn't reported except for Palast.

Maher's New Rule on overpopulation

Excellent points. We unconsciously celebrate Mother's and Father's Day with nary a thought that just maybe we need to celebrate those who take responsibility for not overpopulating the earth and draining it of its resources. And yet single people without children are still considered societal pariahs? Fuck that. But with a condom, of course.

Maher: Make America sick again

His monologue from last night. He starts with Ossoff's loss and how Dumbocrats see that as positive. They like losing apparently. Of course he makes it funny. Then of course he jokes about the wealthcare bill.

Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience

I just discovered this Journal by the above name and it's open access. It's a relatively new emerging field that is rapidly expanding. The first issue of the Journal (2011) gives an overview. This Psychology Today article provides some interesting material. It provides 3 guiding principles for the transition to healthy adult development, topics previously discussed in this blog.

"The first guiding principle is that it is necessary to 'quiet the limbic system' (van der Kolk et al., 2005) to help emerging adults achieve a greater sense of safety. Quieting techniques facilitate attachments by promoting self-soothing and regulation. This is especially relevant when challenges are associated with trauma, anxiety disorders, and emotional/self-inhibitio­n. Emotional and cognitive learning cannot take place in a state of fear. This also includes protecting the brain from the neurotoxic effects of excess alcohol and substances, lack of sleep or nutrition, and the distorting effects of unteated psychiatric symptoms such as depression, anxiety, or psychosis.

"The second guiding principle is the belief that it is essential to support the psycho-neurobiological development of a coherent self, an organized self, and a self-regulated self (Schore, 2008; Siegel, 1999; Gedo & Goldberg, 1973). This principle puts an emphasis on the processes of self-informed agency, self-directed empowerment, and an adaptive balance of vulnerability, collaboration, and boundaries for self-protection. This second pillar emphasizes the self-actualizing and motivational patterns of the developing individual.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Major medical groups hate Senate wealthcare

The CEO of the American Heart Association said: “The Senate draft health care bill is literally heartless.” She is joined by "groups representing pediatricians, cancer specialists, heart doctors and family physicians." Why do they think so?

“BCRA [wealthcare] discriminates against providers of women’s health services, cutting funding for in the awarding of federal grant funds and/or Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program funding to women’s health clinics that are qualified under existing federal law for the provision of evidence‐based services including, but not limited to, provision of contraception, preventive health screenings, sexually transmitted infection testing and treatment, vaccines, counseling, rehabilitation, and referrals," said Dr. Jack Ende, president of the American College of Physicians.

“Senate leaders present their bill as providing states with flexibility. The reality is that it will put considerable pressure on states to limit their spending on health care, including for children," said Dr. Matthew Davis, a professor of pediatrics and of medicine at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine.

Hartmann on the reality of the wealthcare bill

He starts by giving stats on Medicaid. Right now 2/3 of seniors in nursing homes or retired living get Medicaid. Half of all babies born in the US get coverage from Medicaid. 39% of all American children are covered by Medicaid. And the Repugnantans want to severely cut, and eventually get rid of, this program. They do not care that a lot of people, including children, will die as a direct result. And why? To give tax breaks to the wealthy. It is, as Senator Warren aptly calls it, blood money.

Lady Gaga as hermaphrodite

When it comes to balancing masculine and feminine I like the example of Lady Gaga. A few years back there was speculation that she might be a medical hermaphrodite. Let’s address her bisexuality and that rumor. She admits to the former in an interview with Barbara Walters and denies the latter. Of course this issue was addressed in the first minute of her video Telephone, where her clothing is stripped off and she gives a crotch shot to the camera in a see-through leotard. It is obvious she had no dick and one guard remarks to the other: “See, I told you she didn’t have a dick.”

The point is not so much that she is a medical hermaphrodite but that she has become a mythical or metaphorical hermaphrodite. The term comes from the offspring of Hermes and Aphrodite, Hermaphroditis. The latter is turned into a bi- or intersexual when Salmacis merges with him in a pool of water. Mythologically a hermaphrodite represents the union of male and female within any individual, mystically referred to as “the marriage of heaven and earth.” This also refers to the mystical marriage between an individual with God or deity. Some might contend that the former requires the latter, that we must balance the sexes within ourselves in preparation for the greater marriage of this balanced self with the divine. In modern mythology this story is played out in Peter Pan.

Effective framing

Continuing the last few posts, I'm also reminded of this excellent Lakoff blog post on framing. He not only analyzes how Tramp uses it effectively but how we can too and it's not nice. He recommends we call him accurate names like loser, corrupt, illegitimate, betrayer, as these emotionally hit home more effectively than using facts to refute him. In that sense it's more feminine but not in a nice way.

How Tramp uses Twitter

Chris Morris, based on Lakoff's framing:

Btw, Tramp is my new name for the Presidunce. It means, among other things: to tramp or walk heavily or steadily through or over. Pretty much what he's doing to our country.


There's a new integral FB group that was started in an attempt to avoid all the so-called nastiness that seems inherent to these discussion groups. However it seems cloyingly nice to me, everyone having to be on their best behavior as if that is the true measure of integrality. Which of course reminds me of Maher's New Rule in the vid below. I'm also reminded of Wilber's chapter on polemic in The Essential Ken Wilber. There's an appropriate use of it that seems missing in certain environments where "the abdication of discriminating wisdom and the loss or moral fiber to express it is too often equated with spirituality" (153). A good chapter to remember.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Early results of Finland's basic income experiment

As expected, and contradicting naysayers:

"Finland has been giving 2,000 of its citizens an unconditional income for the last five months and some are already seeing the benefits, reporting decreased stress, greater incentives to find work and more time to pursue business ideas."

More Warren on the wealthcare bill

This time she holds a copy and shows the sections that prove her points.

See the Repugnantan wealthcare bill

This link both summarizes what's in it and provides an enclosed copy of the Bill so far released. Some of the details:

  • What's in the bill: Obamacare's Medicaid expansion, which extended the program to those making 100% to 138% of the federal poverty limit, would be phased out over four years. 90% of the current federal funding would be provided in 2020 and it would decrease by 5% each year until 2023, after which it would be eliminated. People would not be allowed to join the expansion from 2020 onwards. The tax credits will be available to people that fall off the expansion.
  • What it means: While this would save the federal government money, it also means the millions of people that have gained access to Medicaid would be rolled off. These people would be able to fall back on the less generous tax credit and access coverage through the individual insurance market. 

  • What's in the bill: The Senate bill retains the House's per capita cap for federal Medicaid spending. After 2025, however, growth in spending would shift from the consumer price index for medical care to the CPI for all goods, a lower level of growth.
  • What it means: States would receive less funding each year from the federal government to help cover low-income Americans, and after 2025 the rate of growth would decline, leading to even deeper potential cuts for the program. 

Schumer on the wealthcare bill

Reiterating the previous two Senators while providing a lot of the details, including States eliminating essential health benefits. Pre-existing coverage will be prohibitively expensive if not outright eliminated. The Bill is heartless wolf who plans to devour everyone in its path to greedy accumulation of wealth. And it will only get 10 hours of debate, all before the CBO even scores it. He then goes on to humanize the consequences, a wise strategy.

Sanders on the wealthcare bill

Continuing the last post, Sanders weighs in. In addition, he emphasizes defunding Planned Parenthood, thereby take away the healthcare choice of millions. Also the inhumane rate hikes seniors will experience. Then there's the 23 million that will get thrown off coverage altogether. And why? To give that money to the wealthy, hence wealthcare. Government single-payer is the answer to this travesty.

Warren on the released Repugnantan wealthcare bill

It was finally released today and Warren is having none of it. The Bill is even meaner than the House version, as it rewards the wealthy and further hurts working families. How do they pay for all the wealthy class tax cuts? Cuts or elimination of programs like tax credits for health insurance. Letting States decide to drop benefits like maternity care, prescription drug coverage or mental health treatment. And they cut Medicaid even worse than the House version. Medicaid expansion eliminated altogether. The cuts to the program are so severe that States will have to cut much-needed services like disability insurance and nursing home coverage. She emphasizes that these cuts will kill people, so Repugnantans are literally trading our lives to give tax breaks to their rich buddies. See the clip for more detail.

Don't Kill My Vibe

Colbert on funny Goop

Colbert makes fun of Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop Summit, where she sells her health products. The vaginal stone exercise joke is LOL funny. Then Colbert spoofs it with a commercial of his own brand of heath products. Laughter truly is the best medicine.

Nina Turner: why Ossoff lost (and Dumbocrats continue to lose)

Yet another progressive analyzes the big Dumbocrat loss in Georgia. Obviously just throwing money at a campaign isn't enough, as Ossoff spent $23 million. Part of the problem is that his campaign ran as Repugnantan lite. Given the choice between that and a real Repugnantan conservatives will choose the latter every time. But that is the establishment Dumbocratic Party, and the very reason they continue to lose.

Now we can't really say that if a progressive ran in that district on that sort of agenda they would have won. The average income there is $84,000 and the majority are affluent whites. Sure, there are plenty of poor and middle-class families there too, but not enough to win an election. So instead of the Dumbocrats trying to kiss up to that demographic with a Repugnantan agenda, why not just focus on those districts where a progressive populist message resonates with a majority of working class families? Unfortunately the Dumbocratic Party still doesn't get that message.

Our attitudes about poor people

Many poor people work hard and they're still poor due to circumstances beyond their control. So it's not their attitude that makes them poor, contrary to Secretary of HUD Carson and the Repugnantan moral superiority complex. The latter blame the poor, saying it's their own fault because they're too lazy to work. Granted there is a small number in that category, but taken as a whole those living below the poverty line actually work. However the minimum wage just does not provide enough to live on. Hence the need for government assistance. Plus there aren't enough full-time minimum wage jobs to go around, so many end up working 2 or more minimum wage part-time jobs with no benefits. So indeed, there is a problem with attitudes about the poor, but it's not the poor who have it.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

More on Ossoff's loss

In this clip another reason for the loss is that Dumbocrats bring a covered dish to a gun fight. You just don't play nice with the Repugnantans if you want to win. What's required is to fight and fight passionately for progressive values and policies, not just bitch and moan about the Swamp or keep up the same old losing strategy of playing the so-called middle ground. Instead of Dumbocrats criticizing Sanders and Warren maybe they should try learning from them? Nah, won't happen. How much more evidence do we need?

Why Ossoff lost

Granted there was a lot of voters kicked off the rolls by Handel using Interstate Cross-Check when she was Secretary of State. And plenty of other voter suppression techniques were used typical of Repugnantans hatred for voter choice. (Recall this recent report.) Even so, establishment Dumbocrats continue to use a losing strategy that has cost them the Presidency and over 1000 lost legislative seats nationwide.

Ossoff's loss is just another example that they continue to not get it. The Dums continue to think that throwing money at elections while maintaining they typical so-called centrist stance will magically change results. Ossoff rejected single-payer healthcare and refused to make the rich pay their fair share of taxes. What the electorate wanted is not only a populist vision but the guts to stand up for it, to defend it proudly, and to take down the real people messing with our lives, the 1%. But nooooo, the establishment Dums keep being dumb and dumber, not able to see why they keep losing.

Tom London

Great magic show last night on AGT.

Light Balance gets the golden buzzer on AGT

All I got for this act is FRICKEN' WOW! They already deserve a show in Vegas based on this performance.

Keone & Mari

They won the adult category on WOD last night. Great performance that told a pertinent and poignant contemporary story. Very moving and well executed.

Eva Igo on WOD

Once again she steals the show. I can only imagine this young lady continuing her development as an adult. She's going to be a famous world-class dancer soon. She is quite the phenom already.

Tax cuts lead to economic decline

Despite Repugnantan lies, the facts speak louder. The lies are of course to fool the ignorant because tax cuts only benefit the rich. There is no trickle down unless you consider that getting pissed on. This article provides the details. The graph is below.

Roundup of meditation criticism

See this site for the roundup. See the link for details. Sections include the following: The internal Buddhist critique; The exaggerated claims critique; The capitalist/neoliberal critique; The race/identity critique; The committed skeptic’s critique; Then why meditate?

Negative effects of meditation

Here's an extensive scientific study on some of the negative effects of mediation, including fear, involuntary body movements and panic. Of particular interest is that how we interpret both positive and negative effects depending on context.

"There are multiple, and sometimes conflicting, interpretative frameworks at play for Western Buddhist meditators. The values held by meditation practitioners are often heavily influenced by how the authorities of a Buddhist tradition—whether canonical texts, teachers, or members of a practice community—appraise a given meditation practice or experience."

This also and particularly applies to the so-called positive experiences.

"Certain nyams—in particular the triad of bliss, clarity or luminosity, and non-conceptuality are multivalent in that in some lineages of Tibetan Buddhism they are deliberately cultivated and framed as 'signs of progress,' and yet in other contexts can be dismissed as untrustworthy hindrances to genuine insight."

The abstract follows:

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Repugnantans allow only 10 hours to read & amend wealthcare

That's all the Senate and the American people will get to find out what's in their giveaway to the rich at the expense of millions of our lives.

Daniel Gil on ANW

He has the fastest qualifying time last night in the San Antonio qualifer.

Dustin Payne on SYTYCD

Best performance last night.

Sanders compares Obamacare and T-Swamp wealthcare

He reiterates the information in the last post, how the Republicans are keeping theirs secret while Obamacare was thoroughly considered. The Repugnantans (intentional spelling) must be really ashamed of their bill, but given its contents we have to question whether they are capable of such an emotion.

Comparing Obamacare with T-Swamp(don't)care

The facts are that Obamacare 100 Senate hearings where Republicans proposed 161 amendments. T-Swamp(don't)care has had 0 Senate hearings and hence 0 Democratic proposed amendments, since they haven't even seen what's in it yet. So why isn't this a major media story?

Colbert on the T-Swamp investigation

He makes fun of T-Swamp's lawyer, who apparently also needs a lawyer.

Randy Bryce challenges Paul Ryan

A real American is challenging corporate crony Ryan for his seat in Congress. This ad highlights the difference between the two. Who do you think will represent you? This is how you frame a candidacy.

What Democratic Party 'unity' means

The Dem Party establishment really thinks it's the progressives that are the problem. They continually fail to see that no, it is they who have lost all those elections in the past decade. They claim they want Party unity when all that really means is that they want to continue down the same path they have during that decade, raising money from the wealth and then being beholden to them. Whereas the progressive wing is raising a stink about that very corruption and that makes the Party stronger, as it returns it to its roots in we the working people. And if the Party won't listen then it's time to take the party elsewhere.

The biggest freeloaders are at the top

The real freeloaders have convinced the average working person that it is the people on social welfare that are lazy and not worthy of respect. But you've been lied to about this, as those at the top of the economic heap are the real lazy ones that should be remonstrated. Wealth is created by working people, and those at the top devour it. We are the makers and they are the takers. Workers create the wealth and those at the top feed off of it by leveraging control of that work. Banks are the prime example of such vampire behavior. See the link for the details.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Supreme Corp will take up the WI gerrymandering case

They decided to take up the challenge, but no telling how's the conservatives on the Corp will vote. It involves a challenge to the Wisconsin gerrymandering that won them 60% of legislative seats while only getting a total of 48.6% of the votes. While recent appeals courts have overturned Republican gerrymandering on racial grounds, this case is based on legal "wasted votes" grounds. See the article for the details.

Sanders and Warren on GOP health(don't)care plan

Very good discussion that presents facts on what is known of the Senate bill, given it's secret with no debate to date. We do know exactly what was in the House bill and it wasn't good. And we do know the basic Republican agenda and worldview, which they'll explore, as the likely outcome of the bill. E.g., the Republicans like to frame it in terms of choice, and yet they will take away the choice of 2.5 million women that have chosen Planned Parenthood because they will defund it.. What they mean by choice is the choice of the insurance companies to once again not give much real coverage to anyone, let alone the 23 million currently insured that will be be without it altogether. Of course they'll still have the choice of suicide instead of dying the slow death of no healthcare. Thanks for the choices.

Fik-Shun's duel dance

The duels begin this week on World of Dance and here's Fik-Shun's battle cry. Fricken' WOW.

Hard Times

Nikki Glaser on Fallon

Good routine.

GOP leaks personal info of 200 million voters

Let's hear Republicans now talk about unsafe data breaches or leaking. Something tells me it will be the sound of crickets on a quiet night.  From the article. See it for much, much more.

"The Republican National Committee’s in-house big data team just got caught by a cyber security firm leaking the private information of 200 million Americans. California-based UpGuard found the RNC’s data file unprotected in a publicly available URL within Amazon Cloud Services and downloaded the information – equivalent to 10 billion pages of text – and reported it to federal authorities.

"The RNC’s leaked database includes all registered voters in the United States, with information from Democrats, independents, and presumably 3rd party voters. UpGuard’s report suggests that this may be the largest known political data leak to date, worldwide. [...] Republicans only secured the leaked information after it was reported to authorities."

11 indisputable facts about T-Swamp

From Robert Reich at this link:

1. He called Hillary Clinton a crook. You bought it. Then he paid $25 million to settle a fraud lawsuit. 

2. He said he’d release his tax returns, eventually. You bought it. He hasn’t, and says he never will.

3. He said he’d divest himself from his financial empire, to avoid any conflicts of interest. You bought it. He is still heavily involved in his businesses, manipulates the stock market on a daily basis, and has more conflicts of interest than can even be counted. 

4. He said Clinton was in the pockets of Goldman Sachs, and would do whatever they said. You bought it. He then proceeded to put half a dozen Goldman Sachs executives in positions of power in his administration. 

5. He said he’d surround himself with all the best and smartest people. You bought it. He nominated theocratic loon Mike Pence for Vice President. A white supremacist named Steve Bannon is his most trusted confidant. Dr. Ben Carson, the world’s greatest idiot savant brain surgeon, is in charge of HUD. Russian quisling Rex Tillerson is Secretary of State.”

6. He said he’d be his own man, beholden to no one. You bought it. He then appointed Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education, whose only “qualifications” were the massive amounts of cash she donated to his campaign. 

Senate Republicans caught in a lie on health(don't)care

I know, big surprise. They are conducting secret meetings on their health(don't)care bill and Democrats have been excluded from the process. They claim that Democrats are welcome if they're willing to help so Democratic Senator Schumer wrote them a letter offering that help. Not that they haven't offered below and have been excluded nonetheless. So instead of accepting their help the Republicans replied that the Dems admitted that Obamacare is a failure, which of course one can plainly read the letter implied no such thing. It's just one more way to prevent the Dems from participating.

The ideal and the real 2

Continuing this post, the crux of the issue is that monofractals are symmetrically self-similar at each iteration. Multifractals are not. Multifractals weave 2 or more fractals which each iterate differently creating asymmetry. Which is indeed the case with natural phenomenon; there is no ideal hill that expresses a perfect, mono- or multifractal parabola. Also note this article: 

"Hierarchical organization is a corner stone of complexity and multifractality constitutes its central quantifying concept. For model uniform cascades the corresponding singularity spectrum are symmetrical while those extracted from empirical data are often asymmetric."

Explaining Christianity to Republicans

Very good article, copied below from this source:

1. Help the helpless, provide for the needy: While it’s popular within the Republican party and the conservative media to vilify the poor as lazy moochers looking for a handout, the majority of Americans who rely on government programs are actually children. Furthermore, the majority of households receiving some form of government assistance are headed by a working adult. While we should all do our best to address those who might abuse the programs we have to help the poorest among us, they are a small fraction of the people who actually receive these government benefits. To be more Christ-like you should ask yourself how can you help someone in need – not why.

2. Be kind to others and don’t judge those who are different from you: Considering that Jesus Christ literally said “thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself,” I think it would be good practice to start doing that in our society. Instead of judging anyone and everyone who isn’t just like you – embrace and love them as you would yourself. If you encounter someone who is different from you, don’t reject who they are – seek them out and learn about them. It’s our ignorance of one another that seems to divide us the most.

3. Be hopeful: Republicans are nothing if not paranoid and afraid of damn near everything. From immigrants invading the United States, to Muslims enacting Sharia law to President Obama confiscating guns – I could spend hours dissecting how many conspiracies I’ve seen Republicans perpetuate over the years and how none of them actually came true. Besides, as people of faith, what’s there to be so scared of? If you truly have faith that God’s in control, shouldn’t your faith always be that blanket of hope that guides you through life? I’m not quite sure how someone can say they have the utmost faith in their God – while seemingly having no faith in that same God’s “plan.”

Sunday, June 18, 2017


As I approached, he bared his teeth and growled. I nearly pissed my pants right then and there. My olive drab green uniform shirt stuck to my flesh like a fly on shit in this sweltering, south Texas morning. It was our first day of training.

"Go on, get in there with him, Richards," Sergeant Baker said. "What the fuck are you anyway, a pussy?"
"Fucken-A right Sarge," I said. "This mother wants to eat me alive."
"Get out of the way," Corporal Boyle said and pushed past me. 
He just walked right in on Harvey. Boyle's got a set of balls on him, I'll give him that, but he ain't got much upstairs. The instant Boyle was within reach of his chain, Harvey lunged at him. Boyle tried to jump back, but he wasn't quick enough; Harvey bit into his highly polished right boot and jerked him off his feet, dragging him into his lair.
"Help me for Christ sake!" 
I grabbed Boyle's outstretched left arm and pulled. Me and Harvey were playing tug of war, and I swear I saw Harvey smile. The Sarge and Wilson ran over and it took about a minute before all three of us could wrestle Boyle away, but Harvey held fast to his boot, pulling it off. 
"That son of a bitch," Boyle said. "Look at him just chewing away at my good jump boot."
Harvey looked up, burped, then went back to ripping apart the boot. 
"You shouldn't have been so stupid as to wear your good boots to training," said Wilson.
"Fuck you," said Boyle.
"Ok, that's enough, men. Get back to your own dogs now," the Sarge ordered.
As we all lined up in front of our assigned dogs in the kennel, an orderly drove up in a jeep. He screeched to a halt and the dust that had been trailing him caught up and enveloped the vehicle. He started unpacking large, steel bowls full of a mix of dry and wet dog food. The dogs started barking like the hounds of hell.
"Grab a bowl and feed your dog," Sarge said. "After they've been eating a minute, walk in slowly while talking nice to them. Pet them if you can, but take it slow. We don't want nobody getting bitten the first morning. There'll be plenty of time for that in a couple a weeks during attack training." Sarge was the only one laughing at his own joke.
I took my bowl of food and approached Harvey. He had the sole of the boot completely tore off. He smelled the food and threw the boot over in front of his wooden house. He looked at me real peaceful like and I thought maybe now we'd be friends, so I bent down and pushed the bowl in toward him. He walked over to it and started to eat, paying me no attention.
I looked right and left to see how the others were making out with their dogs. Most all of the guys in our squad of eight were already petting theirs. I was still pretty scared from my first encounter, but I figured I'd better get moving or they'd think I was a real wuss. I stood and took a tentative step toward Harvey, who growled without looking up. 
Sarge came over and said, "You still ain't it with him yet? The other guys are doing ok. What's your problem, Richards?"
"You saw what he did to Boyle. He ain't like the other dogs here. This one is crazy. You go in and show me how, Sarge."
Sarge pulled out a pack of Lucky Strikes from his shirt pocket and lit one up with his Zippo lighter, an emblem of three chevrons on it indicating his rank. I smelled the lighter fluid as he clicked it shut and blew out a cloud of smoke."Fuck no, I ain't going in with that monster," he said. "That's your job, not mine."
"Why me?" I asked, lighting up one of my Marlboros with my own Zippo. My lighter had engraved on it: Yours is not to question why, yours is but to do or die. 
"Because you're the biggest one here Richards, so you get Harvey."
"You're bigger that me Sarge." He had me by at least two inches and thirty pounds.
"But I'm not assigned to Harvey, you are."
"Well what's the matter with him anyway. He should have been trained by now. How long has he been in the army?"
Sarge dropped his butt and stomped it out. He took out a fresh one and lit it up. "According to the Lieutenant, Harvey's seen four tours in Nam as a tracker, and now he's retired here to teach young peckerwoods like you how to survive in a war zone. He's killed more gooks single-handed than most Green Berets. Count yourself lucky you got him, cuz he'll teach you good for when you go over there."
I looked over at Harvey still wolfing down his chow.
"Now try it again," Sarge said.
I cautiously approached this massive, 110-pound German shepherd veteran of foreign war. He didn't seem to notice me, so I inched closer and closer until I was within arm's reach. I extended my right hand, closed in a fist like I was taught so I didn't lose any fingers, and just about laid it on his head when he leaped for my groin. I flew backwards and fell on my ass in a cloud of dust. Everybody looked up and laughed, Sarge the loudest.

Holm KOs Correia

Up to the point of the head kick with followup head punch the fight was one of the most boring ever. Both fighters just circled tentatively for 2 1/2 rounds. Does this mean Holm is now back in contention for another title fight? Not so fast. She did lose 3 in a row before this bout. She's going to new a few more fights to prove she's back to being a top contender.

T-Swamp's lawyer both confirms and denies investigation

A lively, contentious debate with Fox News host Wallace. As in typical lawyer double talk he says both then denies it. Wallace to his credit is having none of it.

Obamacare v. T-Swamp(don't)care

This photo should tell us something about how one's care for their own personal health might extend to caring for the health of a nation. Or even seeing it as a necessity, let alone a priority.

New environmental impact review at Standing Rock ordered

Well jeez, surprise, surprise, the US Army Corp of Engineers failed to do a proper environmental impact study on the pipeline. I just can't imagine... So a federal judge ordered a new one be done because the original “did not adequately consider the impacts of an oil spill on fishing rights, hunting rights, or environmental justice, or the degree to which the pipeline’s effects are likely to be highly controversial.” President Obama agreed with that assessment but when T-Swamp took over he quickly overturned it and let the oil flow.

Fact Check: violence on the left and right

Now that Republicans were targeted in the recent DC shooting the right is saying that the left is equally to blame for violent attacks. Fact checking that proves it is wrong. Granted there are some violent groups on the left like Antifa, discussed in the article. And they too should be, and are, condemned for their methods. But the facts, according to J.J. McNabb, an expert on political extremism at George Washington University: "In the past 10 years when you look at murders committed by domestic extremists in the United States of all types, right-wing extremists are responsible for about 74 percent of those murders." So no, the left is not as bad as the right on this one, not even close.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Show Me

Another Samantha Fish performance. And they get this delicious sound from just a guitar, a bass and a set of drums. And, or course, that amazing voice.

Lay It Down, Samantha Fish

This is the kind of road house blues I grew up with and still adore. And Samantha Fish knows how to do it right.

Socialist running for Minneapolis city council

Real News interviews Ginger Jentzen, said socialist. For a long time she's been in the fight for a $15 minimum wage, but the local Dem Party has obstructed it at every turn. So she decided to take matters into her own hands and run as a socialist alternative. Hence the very real need for a people's alternative to the corrupt Dem establishment.

Maher's monologue

He jokes about how T-Swamp hounded everyone to say he's not under personal investigation, which of course led directly to him being under personal investigation. The Swamp was so frustrated that he required his Cabinet to all kiss his ass in public to bolster his insecure ego.

Maher on diminshing jobs

He makes the point about the Swamp wanting to protect only those jobs that are mostly male and white, which not giving a shit about all the other jobs we're losing. But the broader point is that due to progressing tech many jobs are simply going extinct. He jokes about what's next, but it is a serious issue.

Colbert on why GOP Senators are hiding their health(don't)care bill

It is so bad they have to hide it because more people will die than Game of Thrones because of it. And not even many Republicans know what's in the bill yet. Hence the rush to force a vote before anyone knows the sort of murderous intent contained in it. Even T-Swamp thought the House bill was too mean. Which is his typical contradictory style, as when the House version passed he celebrated with them.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Palast on the rigged congressional race in Georgia's 6th District

Hartmann interviews Palast on this. According to Palast, Republican candidate Handel, as former GA Secretary of State, used the Interstate Crosscheck system to eliminate voters of color in the very district in which she is running. When he asked her about it, and her claim that it was necessary due to double voters or those registered in 2 or more States, she could not come up with one single prosecution of so-called voter fraud in GA. See the interview for much, much more on other rigging techniques used.

Colbert: Fox News dumps is slogan 'fair and balanced'

The reason being people were mocking it, which Colbert takes credit for. He then offers a few more accurate alternative slogans.

Colbert on the T-Swamp obstruction of justice investigation

That's right, he's under criminal investigation. It's high time this career criminal finally pay for at least his latest crimes.

Another brick in the wall

The last post reminds me a lot of this classic golden oldie.

One more Margen

Continuing the last post:

Al Margen

This link has 10+ cartoons by Margen that sardonically depict the our society's woes. Powerful stuff. Just one sample below. See the link for more.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Warren reams bank exec over Dodd-Frank roll back

This and other bank execs want to roll back those 'onerous' regulations that prevent them from acting irresponsibly with our tax dollars again. Warren in usual fashion brings in this exec's history of wrong prediction, now using the same sort of chicanery to rationalize that roll backs won't result in economic hard again. She asks him why we should believe him yet again? Answer: we do not.

T-Swamp under personal investigtion by special counsel

For obstruction of justice. It's about damned time. And just when the Swamp was floating the trial balloon of firing the special counsel. This isn't just about former FBI Comey's testimony either, but includes claims that Swamp tried to get the Director of National Intelligence and the head of the NSA to deflect the Russia investigation. This was verified in a memo by the deputy director of the NSA. Let's see the Swamp fire the special counsel now.

Sanders on T-Swamp's Wall Street lies

In this clip he lists all of the Swamp's claims to clean up the Wall Street swamp and the proof that he is doing the exact opposite. Recall it was these very promises that got the Swamp elected in the first place because we the people of any political stripe want it. But the proof is in the pudding and the Swamp is a liar.

However, it's instructive for progressives to also use that sort of rhetoric in upcoming elections but in addition to prove they have been authentic in doing it over their time in office like Sanders has. Emulating Sanders is the key to electoral victories. Unfortunately the establishment Dems won't heed this truth.

Colbert on the Russian hack

He updates the news with the story of Russia hacking into voter databases and software systems in 39 States. You'd think that might make the news and raise some concerns with Republicans? If so, you'd think wrong. It starts around 1:35 in this clip.

Colbert on Harris being 'hysterical'

He pokes fun at the regressive white males that called her hysterical. The Sessions testimony starts around 2:15 after he comments on the shooting and other news. The Harris clip starts around 6:25. It's funny to see Sessions squirm when a strong woman challenges him. You know, the kind of woman he's avoided his entire life. Then Colbert talks about the news commentator that called Harris hysterical, noting it was indeed Sessions who appeared hysterical in the exchange with Harris.

White male Senators try to hush Kamala Harris

Just like they tried to hush Senator Warren. When Harris was questioning AG Sessions and asked for a yes or no answer, Sessions tired to stonewall, meaning give a long, bullshit answer to take up all her time. She interrupted him to again ask for a yes or no answer and was then told by the Chair of the Committee to let Sessions answer, I mean stonewall. Some commentators then accused Harris of being hysterical, which anyone who actually watched the questioning as I did could not have come to that conclusion unless they themselves were hysterical. It's just another example of powerful white men just hating to answer to a smart, capable woman. Why can't they just go back to having babies and cleaning the house?

Nancy Pelosi has progressive primary challenger

Continuing the last post, this clip interviews the progressive Stephen Jaffe, who is challenging corporate Pelosi for her seat.

Primarying corporate Democrats is necessary

Kudos to Zephry Teachout for saying so. She said in part:

"It's not enough to just agree with your candidate on a few issues. You actually have to say, hey, we're going to primary you if you're not also taking on some of the structural problems in our society. I think the way to not just beat Donald Trump in 2020 or win a race in 2018, but to deeply win back our country, is that democratic party, in order to win, needs to separate itself from the Wall Street finance years, separate itself from the big corporate interests and return to the best part of it's history, which is fighting for the little guy against the big billionaires and big guys. That's not as against opposing Donald Trump, that's an alternate vision. That's a vision of true flourishing."

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Kate McKinnon Reenacts Sessions' Senate Testimony

On Meyers' show last night.

Wilpert & Black on Dodd-Frank repeal

I'm wondering if this is the Gregory Wilpert who wrote some articles on Integral World? Anyway, he and Bill Black discuss the bullshit reasons the Republicans are giving for rolling back the financial regulations that produced such economic growth and opportunity. The Republican BS is that the law is too complicated and thereby strangles small businesses and bank loans. In a clip Dem Representative Ellison quoted the facts that small businesses are doing quite well. And if loans aren't readily available that's due more to big banks wanting to speculate with the money instead of loaning it. So while the Dodd-Frank legislation is indeed incredibly complex it has nothing to do with the economy.

The real reason Republicans want to eliminate the legislation is that it contains the Consumer Financial Protection Agency, which has been effective in punishing big banks for their fraudulent behavior. The big banks also want the "get out of jail free" policy put back in place because they don't want to be responsible for their actions, said actions being blatant fraud. Sanders is right that their entire business model is based on fraud.

Colbert on AG Sessions testimony

Poor Beauregard just couldn't remember all that Russian stuff.

Jabbawockeez on WOD

Last night. They tried a different styling than usual, more fluid groove, but the judges liked it.

The Mihacevich Sisters on World of Dance

My fav act last night. Ne-Yo, as usual, gave the lowest score (82). He really doesn't know how to judge dance compared to JLo and Derek.

Christian Guardino on AGT

Gets the golden buzzer last night.

Daniel Ferguson on AGT

Last night does singing impressions of characters, including Simon! My fav of the night.

The ideal and the real

Continuing the last post, some of the references I've provided show that cognitive functioning, and natural phenomenon generally, operate via multifractal cascades, not linear, repeated, monofractal similarities. The latter are an imposition created by formal mathematics under the guise of ideal Platonic forms and/or ideal Aristotelian rules and categories. As much is admitted in this MHC paper (pp. 113-15). Even advanced maths operate via such cascades and not formal necessary and sufficient conditions that fit into tidy, reiterated sets. It seems to me that any model of complexity should be based on how dynamic systems actually operate rather than trying to fit them into a formal ideal.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Monofractals are simply not good enough

Continuing this post, this article reiterates my original inquiry on using monofractal structure within the model of hierarchical complexity. E.g.:

"Simple, straightforward linear models can exhibit the celebrated 'self-similarity' of fractals, that is, the similarity of a time series’ structures at many different scales. Cascade-like systems that demonstrate a patchwork of many fractional power-law exponents have more depth to them, exhibiting not simply similar structures at many different scales but also a contingency among these different scales" (209).

Sterotypes are for the cognitively challenged

Continuing this post, a general theme in the first discussion was that there was a wide range of interpretations of AQAL depending on one's hierarchical complexity in a given domain and context. Along that line is this 2010 Stein report of students in the JFKU integral theory department and integral theory center. It measured level of conceptual complexity and development on a variety of issues. It used levels 10 through 12 in the Lectical Assessment System (LAS): abstract mappings, abstract systems and single principles, including steps withing those broad levels. See the paper for the results.

One finding of particular interest is the following:

"The altitude colors and the levels definitions to which they are attached appear to be particularly problematic. They continue to function as stereotypes and shorthand after most other concepts have richly textured and context sensitive. [...] The altitude colors are not typically used at the higher levels as a part of complex considerations and characterizations, but rather remain disconnected from more elaboration considerations of levels. [...] Instead of growing with people's understanding, the colors may actually limit growth by masking what is poorly understood, under-elaborated or vague" (18).

As an aside, in table 2 of this Stein paper he compares the LAS levels with Commons: level 10 with formal; level 11 with systematic, level 12 with metasystematic. And like with Commons' MHC, LAS has transition steps w/in levels. 

Meyers' closer look at the Cabinet's ass kissing festival

Even Kim Jong Un is amazed at the level of loyalty T-Swamp requires. He also discusses the T-Swamp strategy of denigrating Comey's integrity, something the ethically-devoid Republicans are following. And this despite their former comments on the unimpeachable character of Comey when he helped T-Swamp win the election.

Naomi Klein on Democracy Now

They discuss Sanders' comments at the People's Summit on the Democratic Party's utterly failed model. Klein thinks that Sanders was inspired in part by the recent Labour Party's recent victories in the UK. She's also critical of Sanders primary loss because he wasn't able to connect to black and latino voters, or older white women. The People's Summit was a response to that, leading off with reps from those demographics. Some good strategy for progressives moving forward.

Senator McCaskill on the secret Senate health(don't)care bill

Senate Republicans have been meeting in secret to come up with their version of a health(don't)care bill. No Democrats were invited and there have been no public hearings. So McCaskill asks WTF is up with that. The CBO has yet to score it, so that should tell us something when it comes out. But it appears the Republicans will force a vote on it before releasing it to the public and before the CBO score comes out. It must be really bad.

Colbert on the Cabinet ass kissing fest

Continuing this post, Colbert comments of the T-Swamp's "check your balls at the door" policy.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Hartmann interviews Naomi Klein

On her new book, No Is Not Enough: How Can We Stop Trump and Take Back Our Country. One thing is that progressives must take back the issue of resisting free trade in favor of fair trade. It used to be a Democratic Party issue but they let it slide away with their corporate fawning. It was a key issue T-Swamp appropriated during the campaign because the Dems had abandoned it. Another is that progressives need to quit just bitching about the Swamp and strongly and repeatedly put forth their progressive values as expressed in policy proposals. They also need a strong, authentic messenger who lives those values. Sanders was one but we now need another for the next election. Clinton did not in any way inspire that sort of genuine authenticity.

Cabinet must pledge loyalty to T-Swamp on television

Such a sickening display. The Swamp gathers his Cabinet and makes them sing his praises on live TV. This is something more out of North Korea than the US. Such simpering sycophants, but they must profess their loyalty to keep their jobs or "You're fired!"

2 States Attorneys General sue T-Swamp on the emoluments clause

The Attorneys General from DC and Maryland filed suit claiming that T-Swamp's profits from foreign dignitaries violates the emoluments clause of the US Constitution. This includes “leases of Trump properties held by foreign-government-owned entities; purchase and ownership of condominiums in Trump properties by foreign governments or foreign government controlled entities; [and] other property interests or business dealings tied to foreign governments.” This is the 3rd such lawsuit claiming this violation. 

9th Circuit Court of Appeals upholds block on the Muslim ban

The Court cited one of T-Swamp's own Tweets, saying the listed countries are dangerous, as evidence in support of its argument. The Court further argued the ban doesn't provide any link to individual terrorist activity from any of the countries. It reiterates an earlier 4th Circuit Court of Appeals case also blocking the ban. Yea, we still have some semblance of a democracy!

Colbert's T-Swamp comments at the Tonys

He even manages to get in a few digs while presenting an award at the Tony's last night.

Prior discussions on developmental theories

It's flashback Monday. Back in '09 I started a thread at the Yahoo Adult Development forum by asking these questions:

"Just curious, has anyone done hierarchical complexity testing on the AQAL model itself to validate its self-proclaimed status as a cross-paradigmatic model? If so, where does one find such research?"

There were 102 responses. The 1st came from Commons and he said: "It is not even paradigmatic. It is a comparison of systems, metasystematic, but not too carefully done."

You'll have to keep expanding the messages with the arrows to see them all.

Otto Laske said in the 3rd message: "I am glad somebody finally takes on AQUAL, the presumed peak of human thought. It is indeed not even paradigmatic, not to speak of meta-systemic or dialectical. It is also divorced from philosophical tradition trying hard to establish its own."

Granted the discussion veers from AQAL to a more general discussion of the differences in developmental modeling. But it's of historical interest due to many of the main players in the field dialoging with each other.

Also see this '09 Yahoo Adult Development Forum thread on states and stages. One has to expand the messages with the arrows to see them all. My post in message 34 follows:

Herb Koplowitz wrote: "I would now say that the states that spiritual practices bring one to are pre-linguistic, not post-linguistic."

I'd have to agree, with a twist. In my research meditative states tend to move from beta to alpha to theta to delta brain rhythms, and correspondingly from frontal to temporal to limbic to brainstem brain areas. All of which strongly suggest that meditative training is going backward in development, not forward. However there is one important difference than just a backward trajectory; it is not simply a return to the primordial.

Corbyn: Democratize the economy

The UK Labour Party gained seats in the last election primarily due to its progressive people's platform. And one of the huge items in that platform was democratizing the economy. (See their report entitled Alternative Models of Ownership in the link.) It plans to implement the idea via worker co-ops, municipal and locally led ownership, and national ownership of natural monopolies like rail and mail. See the link for details. Indeed it's time to take seriously the demise of capitalism and the rise of the collaborative commons. From the article:

"And democratizing the economy means challenging the most important fundamental of capitalist economics: the primacy of private ownership. In particular, private ownership of capital, of all the things — the buildings, the machines, the tools, the hardware, and the software — that we use to make other things. Without a say in how tools are used, workers themselves become passive tools. Being able to actively participate in decision-making and ownership go hand in hand. Democratizing means taking ownership."

The People's Summit

Progressives must organize outside of the Dem Party and force the Party to align with the people's issues. Progressives must challenge not only the Swamp but corporate Dems that are in that swamp too. They must also fight for their values, not just against the swamp.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Prices stable 1 year after Seattle's increased minimum wage

Yet another example that increased minimum wages stabilize what businesses charge for their wares. There was also price stability for rent and gas. The regressive adage that increased wages increase prices is and always has been wrong. All it really does in let workers share a bit larger piece of the pie that they created with their labor. And it actually reduces employer costs due to retaining workforce. You know, makes things a bit fairer, an atrocious sin to regressives.

Sanders on the Nina Turner Show

Continuing this post, Sanders is interviewed on the Nina Turner Show. At 3:00 she asks Sanders about the tension in the Dem Party, and why he thinks the Party can be saved nevertheless. Despite the continued losses the Party has suffered in several past elections, Sanders sees young people moving into the Party to reform it. And it's the people getting active that will change it, for it won't come from the top down. They then discuss the Labor Party success in the UK being driven by a progressive platform, which is what the Dem Party needs here.

T-Swamp support is waning

Yes, the Biggest Swamp is still infested with creepy critters, but according to recent Quinnipiac polling that support is dropping off. Those who strongly support the fetid Swamp has dropped among all Republicans about 10 points. Among whites without a college degree it's dropped about 10 points. Among white men it's dropped about 6 points, among white woman about the same. Among all voters it's dropped about 5 points. Granted there is still plenty of support, but the fact that it's dropping might be indicative of how poorly the Swamp is performing. If this trend continues it's good news for America.

The price of T-Swamp(don't)care

This ad shows some of what you'll experience as a result of this heinous travesty.

Sanders lambasts Dem Party strategy

At the People's Summit in Chicago Sanders called the Dem Party's current direction "an absolute failure." He praised progressives for making some inroads into the Party platform but overall the Party is obstructing further progress. 

“The Democratic party needs fundamental change. What it needs is to open up its doors to working people, and young people, and older people who are prepared to fight for social and economic justice.
The Democratic party must understand what side it is on. And that cannot be the side of Wall Street, or the fossil fuel industry, or the drug companies.”

It's encouraging to see organizations training and encouraging progressives to get active in politics. And supporting them when they run for office, even challenging establishment Dems in primaries. But ultimately progressives must unite their coalitions and dump the Party, because it isn't going to ever change back to a People's Party.