Tuesday, June 6, 2017

CPC infrastructure proposal

Unlike the T-Swamp proposal, which privatizes infrastructure projects that rob from the rest of us and give to the rich, the Congressional Progressive Caucus proposes a plan that works for everyone, including the rich. Some excerpts:

"Drawing on the legacy of President Franklin Roosevelt’s bold vision and adapting it to a modern context, our 21stCentury New Deal for Jobs makes Wall Street, big corporations, and the wealthiest pay their fair share in order to put America back to work. It invests $2 trillion over 10 years, employing 2.5 million Americans in its first year, to rebuild our transportation, water, energy, and information systems, while massively overhauling our country’s unsafe and inefficient schools, homes, and public buildings. Yet the New Deal for Jobs’detailed plan to nurture a vibrant, 21st century economy goes much further than rapidly achieving full employment and sustaining it over a decade. It recognizes that plentiful, dignified jobs are not enough. They must be paired with an agenda that empowers women and communities of color while protecting the planet.

Unlike the Republican agenda, a 21st Century New Deal for Jobs puts real money in the pockets of ordinary workers and families. A New Deal for Jobs mandates local hiring in addition to raising the benchmark for locally prevailing wages in each area, increasing infrastructure workers’ paychecks. The proposal further cements its commitment to working people by prioritizing the hiring of our veterans and demanding robust Buy America provisions in every federal procurement decision for labor and materials."

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