Sunday, June 4, 2017

Fox's Wallace grills EPA Pruitt

You know the T-Swamp case is bad when even Fox Snooze tries to hold lackey Pruitt accountable. Pruitt is asked repeatedly if the Swamp thinks climate change is a hoax because Pruitt will not answer that question. Then they move on to a study the Swamp cites which Wallace debunks as fake news. So again instead of addressing it Pruitt just continues to site the fraudulent study, as if saying lies somehow makes them true. Wallace again counters with some facts, that solar employs twice as many people as coal. Pruitt can't accept that fact and insists we need to invest in dirty coal, a dying industry. Even the mayor of Pittsburgh said they are now a green energy town and will comply with the Paris Accord. The interview goes on with and with each passing moment Pruitt and the Biggest Swamp ever look even more the fools. And by Fox Snooze!

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